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A very enthusiastic and long visionary personality has started a small unit of courier services long back of 11 years. He was too sure to be a successful person and entrepreneur in his field. He sprinkled every steps to make wonders years after years and reached a level of being a giant nation leading Courier Channel Partner for India with Specialization in North eastern and eastern part of country. And one of most fastest, secure and reliable services for last 11 years. Many new comers are following this path and learn from his leadership in courier services as an entrepreneur of India. Successful entrepreneur shares his personal breakthrough stories. We'll hear about dreams imagined and learn about strategies and solutions that have worked, and not worked, from real life experience of his own business.

Mr. Chironjit Thapa (Founder)

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We are one of leader in Asia pacific & Gulf for courier services, and integrated express package distribution company with high reliability and satisfactory ratio. We have the most extensive domestic network covering over 4800+ locations, and service more than 22 countries and territories worldwide through our partners, Aeropict Logistics solutions global brand name in fast and effective distribution services.

About Us

Aeropict Logistics Solutions (P) Ltd is one of the progressive transportation management company in market place. We focus on ultimate sophistication providing elegant logistic solution for customers need. We strive to provide customers with superior supply chain management services and best class technology at an affordable and reasonable cost while providing customers with satisfactory services they deserve with our unique and progressive approach to transportation management and warehousing management.

Aeropict Logistics Solutions provides you with nonpareil solutions to expand your reach to every corner you desire. Aeropict Logistics combines its deep understanding of the customer’s internal and external requirements with its strategic approach, providing a one-stop solution to get your brand on the go. Aeropict Logistics Solutions help customers of scale drive savings and simplifications into their supply chain. When you select Aeropict Logistics Solutions to manage your transportation  processe

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